License Entitlements Calculated Into Credits - FAQs

Why are my license entitlements calculated into credits?

The calculation of your license entitlements into credits is made to offer you visibility into how the credit model works. Your license remains the same, but instead of receiving a fixed amount of units (seats), you receive the equivalent value of Trend Vision One credits. You retain the same value and utility as the original units, but with added benefits.

Benefits of credits:

  • Reallocate any unused entitlements associated with your license:

    These will show as available credits. You are free to allocate your available credits to any other supported component of Trend Vision One. For a complete list of XDR sensors and Trend Vision One apps supporting credits, see Trend Micro Offerings Supporting Credits.

  • Try other XDR sensors and Trend Vision One apps:

    You have the option to reallocate credits from existing solutions if you want to try other supported solution in Trend Vision One.

  • Choose to retain your current allocation:

    While credits offer you added flexibility, it is entirely up to you if you want to exercise that option. You can leave the credits allocated to the current offerings and there will be no change to your current experience.

Do I have to calculate my license entitlements into credits?

The entitlements will be automatically calculated into credits, but this does not impact your current license or deployment. It also does not impact your renewal process in future. You can choose to renew as normal on your standard subscription SKU, and the credit calculation will automatically occur again.


While credits offer you added flexibility to reallocate resources, it is entirely up to you if you want to exercise that option.

How do I know I’m not losing any value when my licenses are converted to credits?

Calculating your existing entitlements into credits does not impact your current license or deployment – you continue to be entitled to everything you have with your current license. The intent is to offer added value, such as allowing you to adjust credit allocations on-demand, which means no more fixed license counts for particular components of Trend Vision One, no more underutilized licenses, and easier, broader adoption. This helps ensure you fully capitalize on your investment in Trend Micro.

How do you determine how many credits I will get for my current entitlements?

Credits are automatically calculated based on the type and total number of XDR sensors or purchased units of other supported Trend Vision One services.

For precise valuations per product, see License Entitlements Calculated Into Credits.


The Credit Usage app in the Trend Vision One console displays an always-current view of your credit balance and credit distribution details.