Introducing Credit-Based Licensing

Trend Vision One credit-based licensing is an innovative new pricing model that provides you with a more flexible way to manage multiple solutions through Trend Vision One.

Credit-based licensing gives you the freedom to deploy Trend Micro services without the hassle of individual licenses. Simply enable the services you need, and your credits are allocated automatically. You can reallocate resources at any time, enabling you to respond dynamically to changing demands. Start using credits in 4 simple steps.

Step 1: Estimate your credit requirement

Use the Credit Calculator in Trend Vision One to estimate the number of credits needed to monitor your organization.

For more information, see Using the Credit Calculator.

Step 2: Purchase credits

Contact your sales representative to purchase a subscription license for Trend Vision One credits.


If you purchase more credits than initially necessary, any extra credits can be used to try out new Trend Micro Solutions or respond to unexpected demands.

Step 3: Enable supported solutions in Trend Vision One

When you enable a supported app or sensor in Trend Vision One, credits are automatically deducted from your available credit balance. If you disable a supported app or sensor, credits are automatically returned to your available credit balance.


Trend Vision One credits are a type of subscription license, so all your purchased credits are valid and accessible until their expiration date. In other words, you do not "spend" credits, you only allocate them. You can freely allocate and reallocate your credits for the duration of the license term.


For a list of Trend Micro Offerings that support credits, see Trend Micro Offerings Supporting Credits.

Step 4: Monitor credit usage

Use the Credit Usage screen to view detailed information about credit usage including total purchased credits, current credit balance, and distribution of allocated credits.

For more information, see Credit Usage.