Managing Webhooks

Manage webhooks to receive notifications from Trend Vision One.

  1. Go to Account > Notifications > Webhook List.
  2. Create or edit a webhook connection.
    • To create a new webhook connection:

      1. Click Connect.

      2. In the Webhook Connection panel, configure the following settings:

        • Webhook name: Type a unique name for this connection.

        • URL: Type the webhook URL.

        • Verify webhook server certificate: Enable to verify webhook server SSL certificate.


          Disabling Verify webhook server certificate accepts any server certificate and makes communication vulnerable to machine-in-the-middle attacks.

          Trend Micro recommends keeping Verify webhook server certificate enabled at all times.

      3. Click Test Connection to verify the webhook URL.

      4. For webhooks other than Microsoft Teams or Slack, configure the following settings:

        • Body: Type the format of the notification body in JSON format.


          You must type the webhook body as a JSON string with keys and values and must have at least one value containing "$payload$".

          For example, {"title";"$title$","type";"$type$","data";"$payload$"}

        • Header: (Optional) Type a header to appear at the start of notifications.


          You must type the webhook header as a JSON string with keys and values.

          For example, {"key1";"value1","key2";"value2"}

      5. Click Save.

    • To edit an existing webhook connection: the name of a webhook in the list.