Getting Started With Zero Trust Secure Access

Provide a recommended procedure for setting up the Zero Trust Secure Access solution in your network environment and on the Trend Micro Vision One console.

  1. Go to the Private Access Configuration screen to deploy the Trend Micro private access service if you want to control access to the internal apps of your organization.
    1. Deploy a group of Private Access Connectors close to the internal apps that you want to protect.
    2. Add the internal apps that you want to enforce access control and associate each of them with a connector group in the same environment.
    3. Deploy the Secure Access Module to the endpoints that you want to manage.
  2. Go to the Secure Access Rules screen to configure rules to enforce access control by risk, identity, time, and location.

    For more information, see Secure Access Rules.

  3. Go to the Secure Access Overview screen to view the access control statistics for risk investigation and rule adjustment.
  4. Go to the Access Control History screen to view access control logs.