Secure Access Overview

The Secure Access Overview screen provides a summary view of the internal and cloud app access control across your network environment.


This is a “Pre-release” feature and is not considered an official release. Please review the Pre-release Disclaimer before using the feature.

You can view and investigate the users, devices, and their app usage as discovered by secure access rules. You can also view how well the current rules perform, so you can tune them to make better automated decision to mitigate and respond to the risks found in your network.

The following table outlines the widgets available on the screen.



Secure Access Control Highlights to Investigate

Displays the discovered users, devices, and app usage that have triggered secure access rules to take actions

Click the date range drop-down list to select a display period.

Click each bubble icon to view the top three ones by action count, and their relevant rule matches.

Click View more to check the corresponding rule enforcement details.

Top 10 Secure Access Rules with Most Discovered Activities

Displays the secure access rules that have been triggered to take the most actions

Click the date range drop-down list to select a display period.

Click a rule name to open the rule configuration screen and modify the rule as needed.

Click Discovered activities to view the rule enforcement details by user or device's app access activity.

Click View all enforced rules to open the Access Control History screen to view more access control logs by rule. For more information, see Access Control History.