Adding an Internal Application

Add a private application of your organization to the internal apps list and associate it with a Private Access Connector group in the same environment.

  1. On the Internal Applications tab, click Add Internal Application.

    The Add Internal Application screen appears.

  2. Specify a unique name and a description for the app.
  3. Select to use the default icon for the app or to upload an image from your local machine.

    The app name, icon, and description will appear in the accessible corporate applications list on the Secure Access Module deployed to endpoints.

  4. Select a Private Access Connector group for the app.

    Make sure that the connector group is deployed in the same corporate environment as where the app resides, and the app is accessible from any Connector under the group.

    To create a new connector group, click Create connector group from the drop-down list.

  5. Type the IP addresses or internal domains of the app.

    Provide at least one IP address or internal domain.

  6. Select to allow access to the app through any port or specific TCP or UDP ports.

    If you select Assigned, specify at least one TCP port or UDP port.

  7. Click Save.