Access Control History

The Access Control History screen provides detailed logs about user/device access to internal and cloud apps.


This is a “Pre-release” feature and is not considered an official release. Please review the Pre-release Disclaimer before using the feature.

The access control logs provide valuable information to analyze the security of your corporate devices and resources and to tailor your access control settings.



User Activity Logs

Displays the rule enforcement details by user or device's app access behavior

Click a rule name to open the rule configuration screen and modify the rule as needed.

Use the Detection or Rule type drop-down list and the Rule name field to search for logs about specific rules.

Remediation Logs

Displays the details about the remediation measures that are performed manually by the administrator or automatically through secure access rules

Click a user or device name to view the user or device's current risk status, as well as the matched risk control rules, and take an action on the user or device for risk remediation.