Zero Trust Secure Access

The Zero Trust Secure Access app secures all access across internal and cloud applications and environments from any user, device, location, at any time.


This is a “Pre-release” feature and is not considered an official release. Please review the Pre-release Disclaimer before using the feature.

As an increasing number of private applications and data are moving to cloud and employees working from home has become a new "normal", the corporate network is being turned inside out. How to make users securely access the cloud while maintaining control over your corporate resources deployed on premises and in the cloud has become a new challenge to enterprises. The traditional "castle-and-moat" network security model is no longer effective enough to handle the emerging challenges in the cloud and mobile computing era.

Trend Micro Vision One offers a comprehensive solution - Zero Trust Secure Access - to ensure that only authenticated users with compliant devices can connect to authorized applications and network resources at a given location and time. By eliminating the excessive trust placed on networks and locations and by providing device-aware, identity-based, and rule-powered access control, Zero Trust Secure Access allows you to make adaptive, automated decision on private and internet access to mitigate, detect, and respond to risks in your network environments. This complete security model helps you take advantage of the benefits of cloud applications while maintaining control of your corporate resources.