Managing Response Action Requests

Managed XDR submits response action requests for your manual approval if you disable automatic approval.

You can choose either of the following ways to deal with the response action requests:

  • Approve or reject a request directly in the email notification without accessing the Trend Micro Vision One console

  • Get an overview of all requests and manage one or multiple requests on the Request List screen of the Managed XDR app

The following procedure explains how to manage requests on the Request List screen.


Managed XDR retains the response action requests for 60 days after submission.

  1. Go to XDR > Managed XDR.
  2. Click the Request List tab.

    For more information, see Request List.

  3. Perform any of the following actions:



    View request details

    Click the right arrow icon () on the left of the Status field.

    A table appears with response action details.

    Filter requests

    Use the Status or Action filter and type response target keywords in the search box.

    Approve or reject requests

    Select one or multiple requests and click Approve or Reject.

    The selected requests move from Pending to Approved or Rejected.

    Set approved requests to expire


    This operation is available only to the Remote Shell action requests.

    A Remote Shell action request is assigned with a validity period after being approved. You can set the request to expire before the assigned end time.

    Select one or multiple approved requests and click Set to Expire.

    The selected requests are marked with "Expired" in the Status column. A new request must be submitted to start another remote shell session.