Managed XDR

Trend Micro Managed XDR is a service that provides detection and response services on behalf of its customers.

The Managed XDR service provides advanced threat hunting, detection, and response to organizations that seek assistance for their own incident response staff, or for those who want to offload it altogether.

The following table outlines how to enable or disable the Managed XDR service.



Enable Managed XDR

Go to XDR > Managed XDR and click Enable.


Make sure you have purchased the Managed XDR service before enabling it.

After you purchase the service, please allow a few days for data synchronization. Once the synchronization completes, the Enable button will appear, and you can proceed to enable Managed XDR.

Disable Managed XDR

Go to XDR > Managed XDR, click the Settings tab, and click Disable Managed XDR at the bottom.