Service Gateway Overview

Understand how a Service Gateway works in a hybrid network.

A Service Gateway can help reduce network bandwidth in a hybrid network by serving as a proxy between the connected applications and Trend Micro Vision One. A Service Gateway consists of a cloud-based inventory list on Trend Micro Vision One and a local virtual appliance.

  • Service Gateway Inventory

    The Service Gateway Inventory on Trend Micro Vision One provides status information of the connected Service Gateway virtual appliances, including appliance details, service statuses, and connected endpoints. The Service Gateway Inventory also allows you to manage the connected Service Gateway virtual appliances.

    For more information, see Service Gateway Inventory and Configuring Service Gateway Settings.

  • Service Gateway virtual appliance

    The Service Gateway virtual appliance in the local network provides services like ActiveUpdate, Smart Protection Services, and Suspicious Object List synchronization to on-premises Trend Micro products and supports integration of third-party applications to Trend Micro Vision One.

    Smart Protection Services leverages file reputation and web reputation technology to detect security risks. On-premises Trend Micro products can perform queries against the Service Gateway virtual appliance, which provides Smart Protection either through the local Smart Protection Server on the virtual appliance or as a reverse proxy.

    For more information on integrating third-party applications, see Third-Party Integration.