Configuring Service Gateway Settings

Configure update settings and manage the Service Gateway certificate.

  1. Go to Inventory Management > Service Gateway Inventory.
  2. Find the Service Gateway and click the gear icon in the Action column.

    The Service Gateway Settings panel appears.

  3. To enable or disable a service, toggle the switch next to the service name.
    • ActiveUpdate: Supports Apex One / OfficeScan 11-14, Deep Discovery Inspector 5.6-6.0, and Deep Security 10-20

    • Suspicious Object List synchronization: Supports Deep Discovery Inspector 5.8 SP1, Deep Discovery Analyzer 7.1, and TippingPoint Security Management System 5.5 and requires an API key. To obtain the key, go to Inventory Management > Service Gateway Inventory and click Manage API Key.

    • Log forwarding: Supports TippingPoint Security Management System 5.5 Patch 1

    Once you have enabled ActiveUpdate or Smart Protection Services, configure your Trend Micro product with the addresses listed on the Service Gateway details screen. To view the addresses, click the Service Gateway name on the Service Gateway Inventory screen and click View server addresses under ActiveUpdate or Smart Protection Services.

  4. To set up scheduled update for connected products' components, select Product Component Update and specify how often to perform an update.

    You can click Configure update sources to add, enable, or disable a source for your product.

  5. To set up automatic update for the Service Gateway, select Automatic update and specify the preferred update time.
  6. To prevent the update from using up network bandwidth, set limits by selecting Restrict download speed and Restrict upload speed.
  7. To upload a certificate, click Import certificate.
  8. Click Save.