Deploying the Agent Installer to Mac Endpoints

Mac deployment includes some prerequisite permissions before installing the tool and enabling the sensors.


After deploying the tool to Mac endpoints, you must choose which endpoints to enable XDR capabilities on from the Endpoint Inventory screen.

For more information, see Endpoint Inventory.

  1. Obtain the macOS package from the Trend Micro Vision One console.
    • Download the package locally and deploy the archive to target endpoints.

    • Copy the download link and paste into the target endpoint's browser.


    Each installation package is specific to your company. After installing the package, the endpoint starts reporting to your company's Trend Micro Vision One console.

  2. Install the Agent using the wizard.
  3. Enable XDR capabilities on the Mac endpoint.
    1. On the Trend Micro Vision One console, go to Endpoint Inventory.
    2. Select the Mac endpoint from the Available endpoints list and click Enable.
    3. On the Mac endpoint, you must "Allow" the following when prompted:
      • Trend Micro Certificate

      • Trend Micro Extension (XDR) / System Extension

      • Full Disk Access

    The Mac endpoint begins reporting activity data to Trend Micro Vision One.