Getting Started with Endpoint Inventory 2.0

Install the Agent on all your endpoints and allow Trend Micro to provide you visibility into your endpoints and manage agent installation.

After endpoints start reporting back, you can assign them to groups to manage security policies.
  1. Go to Inventory Management > Endpoint Inventory.

    After you have assigned your endpoints to groups, the introductory screen no longer appears and you can access the main Endpoint Inventory screen directly.

  2. Install the Agent on all your endpoints.
    1. Under Agent Installer, select the operating system you want to install the Agent on.
    2. Download the Agent installer locally and distribute the package to endpoints or copy the URL link to install the package using a web browser.
      • For Windows endpoints that require a proxy server to connect to external networks, open a command line editor as an administrator and execute the following command:

        EndpointBasecamp.exe /proxy_server_port <proxy_server_ip_or_fqdn:port>

        For example:

        EndpointBasecamp.exe /proxy_server_port

      • For more information on installing to Linux endpoints, see Deploying the Agent Installer to Linux Endpoints.


      Endpoint Basecamp only supports HTTP proxies and does not support the use of proxy credentials.


    The Agent installer is specifically configured to report to your Trend Micro Vision One console.

  3. After installing the Agent, allow some time for your endpoints to report back to Trend Micro Vision One.
  4. Assign agents to groups by selecting Endpoint Groups. For more information, see Managing Groups.