Linux CLI Commands

Trend Micro Vision One provides CLI commands when installing the XDR sensor on a Linux endpoint.

Command or Parameter




Executes the installation of Endpoint Basecamp on the endpoint

$ ./tmxbc install

config set --proxyURL <proxy_server_URL>

Configures the Endpoint Basecamp program to use the specified proxy server


Endpoint Basecamp does not support the use of proxy credentials.

  • $ ./tmxbc config set --proxyURL

  • $ ./tmxbc config set --proxyURL http://[fe80::340a:7671:64e7:14cc]:80

  • $ ./tmxbc config set --proxyURL ""

    Removes the proxy server from the configuration

-v, --version

Displays the Endpoint Basecamp version

  • $ ./tmxbc -v

  • $ ./tmxbc --version

-h, --help

Displays help information

  • $ ./tmxbc -h

  • $ ./tmxbc config --help