Managing Groups

Endpoint grouping allows you to apply security policies to entire groups, instead of individual endpoints.

  1. Go to Inventory Management > Endpoint Inventory, and then select Endpoint Groups.

    The Set up Endpoint Groups and Security Policies screen appears.

  2. To create endpoint groups, select + under the All Endpoints group.
  3. For each group, specify a name of the group and up to 10 criteria.



    Endpoint name

    Full or partial string

    Choose an operator

    • EQUALS


    IP range

    IP address range with full starting and ending addresses

    Operating system

    Chosen from the drop-down list


    Endpoints will be dynamically reassigned if their properties change to match the criteria of another group.

    Clicking Save populates the group with all matching endpoints from the parent group.


    You can only assign endpoints to one subgroup at a time.

  4. After assigning endpoints to groups, go to Endpoint Security Policies to apply policies.

    For more information, see Endpoint Security Policies.


    Changes do not take affect until you complete the initial setup.

  5. To delete endpoint groups, click on the group name, and then click Delete. Orphaned endpoints will be automatically assigned to parent groups.