Early Warning

The Early Warning app scans your Smart Protection Network data for early indicators of ongoing attack campaigns so you can take timely prevention or mitigation actions.

The app helps you answer the questions "Is my organization under attack?" and "What can I do to prevent or mitigate compromise?". Answering these questions requires the following actions:



Periodic scanning of your Smart Protection Network data

Modern attacks often involve multiple seemingly unrelated threats. Scanning of Smart Protection Network data allows Trend Micro Vision One to identify previously isolated detections that are likely to be part of complex attack chains.

Constant analysis of ongoing attack campaigns

Trend Micro threat researchers monitor and analyze attack campaigns affecting organizations around the world. Their research provides context to identified indicators and allows Trend Micro Vision One to predict possible next steps by attackers.


To allow the Early Warning app to scan your data, you must enable the following security features on your product.

  • Predictive Machine Learning: Protects your network from new, previously unidentified, or unknown threats through advanced file feature analysis and heuristic process monitoring

  • Smart Feedback: Shares threat information with the Smart Protection Network, allowing Trend Micro to rapidly identify and address new threats

Trend Micro also recommends enabling scheduled scans and XDR sensors to improve your overall security posture.