Alert Notifications

Trend Micro Vision One provides external notification options including the Trend Micro Vision One for Splunk (XDR) and email alerts.

Trend Micro Vision One allows you to configure additional notifications to ensure that you always receive the latest alerts.



Email Notifications

Specify the email addresses and notification types that you want to receive notifications on and click Save.


To specify more than one email address, use semicolons (;) to separate multiple values.

Alert types:

  • Workbench - Workbench alerts: Sends an overview of your top workbench alerts

  • Zero Trust Risk Insights - At-risk users/devices: Sends an overview of the users and devices with High or Medium risk scores and may require attention

Early Attack Indicator Notifications

Enable the Allow Trend Micro to notify you when early attack indicators are found in the future option to receive notifications regarding possible attacks.