About Cloud Virtual Analyzer

The Cloud Virtual Analyzer is a cloud-based virtual environment designed for analyzing suspicious files. Sandbox images allow observation of file behavior in an environment that simulates endpoints on your network without any risk of compromising the network.

The Cloud Virtual Analyzer works in conjunction with Threat Connect, the Trend Micro global intelligence network that provides actionable information and recommendations for dealing with threats.

Integrating with TMWS, the Cloud Virtual Analyzer, once enabled and applied in a cloud access rule, scans files exhibiting suspicious characteristics and analyzes them as samples to generate a blocked list containing suspicious domains, files, IP addresses, and URLs. Access to these objects by users, upon detection, is blocked or monitored as configured in the TMWS policies.


This feature is not available for the Standard license. To use this feature, purchase an Advanced license, or you can purchase an add-on license to upgrade your service to the Advanced (Standard plus add-on) license.

For customers in Japan, contact Trend Micro support for more information about the Cloud Virtual Analyzer.