Configuring A Data Loss Prevention Profile

When you add or edit a Data Loss Prevention profile from the Data Loss Prevention screen, a new screen opens, where you can specify the settings for the profile.

  1. Configure the basic profile information:



    Profile name

    Specify a unique name for the profile.


    (Optional) Meaningful description to easily identify the Data Loss Prevention profile.

  2. In the Data Loss Prevention Templates section, select the Trend Micro predefined compliance templates to add. These templates are displayed by their associated industry or region. Data of the selected templates will be subject to the Data Loss Prevention profile. Data Loss Prevention comes with a set of predefined templates that you can use to comply with various regulatory standards. These templates cannot be modified or deleted.
  3. In the Action section, select an action on the outbound HTTP traffic for content including the sensitive data identified in the Data Loss Prevention Templates section.
    • Monitor: Users can transmit the data over the Internet but TMWS logs this user activity for monitoring and analysis.

    • Block: Users cannot send the data out of your organization's network.

  4. Click Save.