Configuring A Target Domain Group

Add or edit a target domain group to configure the target domains parameter in cloud access rules for access control over targeted domains.

  1. Configure the target domain group.



    Group name

    Specify a unique name that describes the target domain group. This name appears in the available target domain groups list when you configure cloud access rules.


    (Optional) Meaningful description to easily identify the target domain group.


    1. Type a domain name in the Domain text box, and then click the plus sign. Example of a domain name:

      • It matches and, but does not match

      • It limits the scope to the subdomains of a domain.

      • It matches a specific subdomain of a domain.

      The added domain displays in the table below.

      TMWS does not support the following:

      • Wildcard character

      • URL with a path component

      • URL with a query component

      • URL with a fragment component

      • URL with a port subcomponent

      • URL with a file name

    2. Optionally click Remove under Operation at the end of a domain.


    A maximum of 200 domains for each group is supported.

  2. Click Save.