Configuring An IP Address Group

Add or edit an IP address group to configure the users or groups parameter in cloud access rules, gateway settings, and reports.

  1. Configure the IP address group.



    Group name

    Specify a unique name that describes the IP addresses. This name appears in the available IP address groups list when you configure cloud access rules, gateway settings, and reports.


    (Optional) Meaningful description to easily identify the IP address group.

    IP addresses

    Specify one or several IP addresses. Separate multiple addresses with commas.

    The following IP address formats are supported and can be used in combination:

    • Single IP address, for example,

    • CIDR, that is, IP address/bitmask, for example,


      The bitmask is the number of significant binary digits used for the network portion of the address.

    • IP address range, for example,–

  2. Click Save.