Match Modes for Customized URL Categories

TMWS supports three match modes for customized URL categories.

Match Mode



Website match: Looks for a specific website and all its subsites.


  • There is no need to include http:// or https:// in the URL because it is automatically stripped.

  • Typing a website (URL with the domain name) includes all its subdomains, directories, and files. In this case, there is no need to add a wildcard character (such as an asterisk) at the end of the domain as TMWS automatically adds it.

    For example, matches:






  • To limit the scope to the subdomains of a domain, add a period (.) before the domain name.

    For example, matches but not /content/file.htm.

  • To limit the scope to the directories of the domain, add a slash (/) after the URL.

    For example, matches but not /content/file.htm.


Keyword match: Looks for occurrence of the keyword anywhere in a URL.

For example, sex would be considered a match for http://www.example/content/sexton.htm.

TMWS automatically adds an asterisk (*) at the beginning and end of a keyword. As such, exercise caution when adding extra asterisks to the keyword as this increases the chance of false-positives.


Exact match: Limits the search to the input as a whole. Use strings to target a specific website, page, or file.

The main differentiation among the three types of match modes is the way TMWS transforms the input values provided by administrators, and TMWS uses three different icons to distinguish them.

General guidelines:

  • Separate multiple entries with spaces.

  • Multi-byte encoded and non-ASCII characters are accepted.

    URL Input Type


    Web (Internationalized domain names)







  • Characters are case-insensitive.