Customized URL Categories

Add customized URL categories to subject URLs that are not part of the Trend Micro predefined categories to cloud access rules and HTTPS decryption rules.

For details about the predefined URL categories, see URL Filtering Category Groups.

  1. Go to Policies > OBJECTS > Customized URL Categories.
  2. Configure the customized URL categories.



    Add/Edit a URL category

    Click Add or select an existing category under Category Name, and then specify the settings in the window that appears. For details, see Configuring A Customized URL Category.

    Delete a URL category

    Select one or several categories, and then click Delete.


    After a customized URL category is deleted, it automatically becomes invalid in the corresponding policy rules.

    Duplicate a URL category

    This feature is a convenient way of adding a new customized URL category with settings similar to an existing category.

    Select a category and click Duplicate. Under Category Name, click the duplicated category and then specify settings on the new screen that appears.


    You can duplicate only one customized URL category at a time.

    Sort the category information

    Sort the information in ascending or descending order in either of the following ways:

    • Click the title area of a column.

    • Click the up or down arrow at the right of the title area of a column.

    View data in table columns

    The table columns show the same data that you configured when you added or edited a category.

    Import URL categories

    1. Click Import/Export URL Categories.

    2. On the Import/Export URL Categories screen that appears, select Import, choose the file to import, and then click Import.


      TMWS currently supports importing customized URL categories from a comma-separated values (CSV) file only. To ensure the success of the import, we strongly recommend that you download the sample file to view the required file headers.

      The Category Name and Details fields automatically populate with the related data from the file.

    Export URL categories

    1. Click Import/Export URL Categories.

    2. On the Import/Export URL Categories screen that appears, select Export and then click Export. The URL categories are exported to the browser's default download location.


      TMWS currently supports exporting customized URL categories in a comma-separated values (CSV) file only.

    Search for a URL category

    Type a keyword or part of the keyword related to either column in the table in the Search text box.


    If there are many entries in the table, type some characters in the Search text box to narrow down the entries. As you type, the entries that match the characters you typed are displayed immediately. TMWS searches all cells in the table for matches.