Cloud Service Filters

Add cloud service filters that identify and control HTTP web traffic related to cloud services, and apply them to cloud access rules. For more information, see About Cloud Services.

A maximum of 6 and 200 cloud service filters, including the default ones, is supported for the Standard and Advanced licenses respectively.

To apply cloud service filters to HTTPS web traffic, configure decryption rules under HTTPS Inspection to decrypt HTTPS web traffic first.

  1. Go to Policies > OBJECTS > Cloud Service Filters.
  2. Configure the cloud service filters.



    Add/Edit a cloud service filter

    Click Add or select an existing filter under Filter Name, and then specify the settings in the window that appears. For details, see Configuring A Cloud Service Filter.

    Delete a cloud service filter

    Select one or several filters, and then click Delete.


    After a cloud service filter is deleted, it is automatically removed from the corresponding cloud access rules.

    View data in table columns

    The table columns show the same data that you configured when you added or edited a filter.

    TMWS provides six default filters for ease of configuration.

    Search for a cloud service filter

    Type a keyword or part of the keyword related to either column in the table in the Search text box.


    If there are many entries in the table, type some characters in the Search text box to narrow down the entries. As you type, the entries that match the characters you typed are displayed immediately. TMWS searches all cells in the table for matches.