Configuring A Cloud Application Access Set

Add or edit a cloud application access set to configure the traffic types parameter in cloud access rules for access control over cloud applications.

  1. Configure the cloud application access set.



    Set name

    Specify a unique name that describes the cloud application access set. This name appears in the available cloud application access sets list when you configure cloud access rules.


    (Optional) Meaningful description to easily identify the cloud application access set.

    Cloud applications

    1. Search for the cloud application that you want to add.

      • You can type all or part of a cloud application name in the search box and click the search button.

      • You can click Category and then select a category to filter cloud applications by category.

      • You can navigate to the cloud application page by page.

    2. Click Add under Operation at the end of the cloud application.


    A maximum of 200 cloud applications for each set is supported.

    Selected cloud applications

    View the selected cloud applications in the list.

    Optionally click Remove under Operation at the end of a cloud application to remove it from the list.

  2. Click Save.