About Cloud Service Reputation Service

With the prevalence and rapid adoption of cloud-based applications and services, risks of shadow IT have become the main area of concern today. Shadow IT refers to the use of IT-related systems within an organization without the approval or even the knowledge of the IT or security department. It has grown exponentially in recent years as more employees download and use applications and services from the cloud to assist them in their work and enhance their productivity, for example, to access or share data quickly. Lack of control over cloud application access affects IT resources and costs, and risks corporate security and compliance as well.

In addition to the Web Reputation Services (WRS), Trend Micro provides the Cloud service Reputation Service (CRS) that can identify cloud applications from website domains to categorize the cloud applications, assign a risk score to each cloud application, and classify cloud applications as different risks based on their risk scores. This makes access to cloud applications within your organization manageable to the IT or security department.

Integrated with the CRS service, TMWS allows the administrator to group a set of cloud applications based on your corporate compliance and then add them in cloud access rules as necessary to control the access to these cloud applications on your network.