Configuring A Certificate Exception

Follow these steps to add or edit a certificate exception.
  1. Click Add or select an existing certificate exception under Common Name.
  2. On the Add/Edit Certificate Exception screen that appears, configure the following:
    • Common name: CommonName (CN) field in the certificate.

    • Type: Type of the certificate exception, which is not editable. Options:

      • Common Name: Certificate exception added by the administrator

      • Certificate: Certificate exception automatically added by TMWS


        TMWS keeps no more than 200 exceptions of this type in total.

    • Action: Action to take on access to the websites using the certificate in their certification path. Options include Allow, Warn, and Block.

    • Description: (Optional) Meaningful description to easily identify the certificate exception.

  3. Click Save.

    TMWS checks on a daily basis the expiry of the exceptions with Type set to Certificate and Action set to Warn, and automatically deletes the expired ones.