Static IP Addresses for the Outbound Traffic


This feature is not available in all regions. In this release, it is only available in Japan.

TMWS provides an option for each company to forward its outbound web traffic through static IP addresses (rather than dynamic IP addresses) on the TMWS cloud proxy.

To use static IP addresses for outbound traffic, you need to purchase a separate add-on license. This license can go with the Standard, Advanced, or Advanced (Standard plus add-on) license of TMWS. Once assigned, the static IP addresses will be reserved for use only by your company until this add-on license expires.

After your add-on license is purchased and successfully provisioned on the Trend Micro Customer Licensing Portal or Licensing Management Platform, TMWS will send you an email notification and start to build the back-end configuration to assign static IP addresses for your company. It takes several working days for the build.

When the build is done, you will be notified via email. You can go to Policies > Global Settings > Static Outbound IP Setting on the TMWS management console. You can only view the assigned static IP addresses but cannot make changes.

When this add-on license expires, the assigned static IP addresses will be automatically decommissioned for your company. The outbound traffic of your company will be forwarded through dynamically assigned IP addresses on the TMWS cloud proxy.


If the user's web traffic is processed by TMWS not in your company's registered region, for example, the user is using the global proxy and traveling to a region different from your company's registered region, the outbound web traffic will not be forwarded through the static IP addresses assigned for your company.

The registered region of your company is dictated by the registration key or activation code you have purchased and registered in the TMWS database. Check the URL after you log on to the management console to determine your region.

Management Console URL


  • US West (Oregon)

  • US East (N. Virginia)

  • Australia (Sydney)

  • Singapore

  • UK (London)

  • Ireland (Ireland)

Brazil (San Paulo)

Germany (Frankfurt)

India (Mumbai)

Japan (Tokyo)