On-Premises Gateway Configuration (Pre Version 3.4.1)


This section describes how to configure a TMWS on-premises gateway with 3.3.1 or earlier versions.


Trend Micro supports and maintains only the latest two main versions, for example, 3.1.1 and 3.3.1. Always upgrade your on-premises gateway to the latest main version to continue using the up-to-date and full functionality.

From December 18, 2020, TMWS will provide no installation package download link for pre-3.4.1 versions. You can refer to this section if you still keep the old installation package or use an older version of the on-premises gateway. Otherwise, download to install and deploy the on-premises gateway of 3.4.1 or a newer version if available.

TMWS provides customers with an option to deploy one or several on-premises gateways locally in their organizations' networks to enable a hybrid and more efficient protection solution.

To ensure that an on-premises gateway works properly, you need to:

  • Install the on-premises gateway locally on your device.

  • (Optional) Certify the on-premises gateway web console.

  • Register the on-premises gateway to the TMWS management console.

  • (Optional) Deploy the on-premises gateway locally on your device.

  • (Optional) Configure the on-premises gateway locally on your device.

After an on-premises gateway is successfully installed and registered, all user traffic coming in and going out of your organization's network is forwarded to the on-premises gateway rather than to the TMWS cloud proxy. Administrators can manage it on the TMWS management console and deliver the policies configured on the management console to the gateway. The on-premises gateway allows or blocks users' HTTP requests based on the policies, collects logs locally, and uploads them to the TMWS cloud in a timely manner for statistics and analysis.