Managing Bandwidth Control

Bandwidth control gives all users fair access to resources and ensures better access to resources that are more central to the organization. For more information, see About Bandwidth Control.

  1. In the Bandwidth control area, click Bandwidth Control Global Settings. The Bandwidth Control Global Settings screen appears.
  2. Click On to enable the bandwidth control feature, and set the overall upstream and downstream bandwidths based on your organization's actual Internet bandwidth settings.
  3. Click Save.
  4. Manage bandwidth control rules.



    Add/Edit a bandwidth control rule

    Click Add or select an existing bandwidth control rule under Rule Name, and then specify the settings on the screen that appears. For details, see Configuring A Bandwidth Control Rule.

    Delete a bandwidth control rule

    Select one or several bandwidth control rules to delete and then click Delete. Do this if you no longer need a bandwidth control rule, instead of disabling it.

    Duplicate a bandwidth control rule

    This feature is a convenient way of adding a new bandwidth control rule with settings similar to an existing rule.

    Select a bandwidth control rule and click Duplicate. Under Rule Name, click the duplicated rule and then specify settings on the new screen that appears.


    You can duplicate only one bandwidth control rule at a time.

    View data in table columns

    Click the arrow before the rule name to expand the rule details.

    • Rule Name: Name of a bandwidth control rule. It also displays the description of the rule.

      • before the rule name indicates that the rule is enabled.

      • before the rule name indicates that the rule is disabled.

    • Users / Groups: Users, user groups, or IP address groups that a bandwidth control rule applies to. It also displays those among the selected users and IP address groups that are excluded from the rule.


      If all the selected users and groups are deleted later, the bandwidth control rule becomes invalid and will not apply. To validate it again, reconfigure this part.

    • Bandwidth Throttling: Bandwidth limits and service priority for traffic of the application categories set in a bandwidth control rule.
    • Traffic Types: Application categories that a bandwidth control rule applies to. Options include:

      • : Whether any application category is selected.

      • All: All application categories are selected.

    Prioritize bandwidth control rules

    After creating more than one bandwidth control rule, you can prioritize them to determine which rules take precedence when applied.

    Use either of the following ways:

    • Select a bandwidth control rule and then click Move to move it up or down to a specific position or to the top or bottom as necessary.

    • Hold the part of a bandwidth control rule, and then use drag-and-drop to move it to a specific position as necessary.

    Enable/Disable a bandwidth control rule

    Use either of the following ways:

    • Select one or several bandwidth control rules to enable or disable, and then click More > Enable or Disable.

    • Click or before a bandwidth control rule to enable or disable it as necessary.


    An invalid bandwidth control rule cannot be enabled or disabled.

    Search for a bandwidth control rule

    Type a keyword or part of the keyword related to either column in the table in the Search text box.


    If there are many entries in the table, type some characters in the Search text box to narrow down the entries. As you type, the entries that match the characters you typed are displayed immediately.