Configuring Upgrade Management

Follow these steps to configure the gateway upgrade schedule.

  1. View the version numbers.
    • Current version: Version number of the on-premises gateway currently in use.

    • Available version: Latest version number available for download and upgrade.

  2. Optionally click the version number to view the new features and enhancements on each version of the on-premises gateway.
  3. Click Upgrade.

    The installation package is automatically downloaded and installed on the on-premises gateway without user intervention.

    • If the available version number is equal to the current version number, a message box appears, requesting a confirmation of upgrade. Click OK if you want to continue the upgrade.

    • If the on-premises gateway is offline, the Upgrade button is dimmed and unavailable.


    There will be an approximately five-minute downtime during the upgrade.

  4. In the Upgrade Schedule area, click Enable, and then set a schedule to automatically upgrade the on-premises gateway periodically.
  5. Select the upgrade cycle, date, and time.
  6. Click Save.