Editing An On-Premises Gateway

You can deploy an on-premises gateway in your organization's network, configure it on your on-premises gateway web console, and then register it to the TMWS management console. Users' web traffic coming in and going out of your organization's network is forwarded to the on-premises gateway rather than to the TMWS cloud proxy. After an on-premises gateway is successfully registered, you can manage it on the TMWS management console and deliver the configured policies to it. The on-premises gateway processes users' HTTP requests, collects logs locally, and uploads them to the TMWS management console in a timely manner for statistics and analysis.

When you edit an on-premises gateway from the Gateways screen, a new screen opens, where you can change the settings for the gateway as necessary.

  1. To configure the basic gateway information, click Basic Information. For details, see Configuring Basic Information.
  2. To configure the method that the gateway uses to authenticate users, click Authentication. For details, see Configuring User Authentication.
  3. To configure the bandwidth control rules that the gateway uses for appropriate bandwidth allocation, click Bandwidth Control. For details, see Managing Bandwidth Control.
  4. To configure the schedule to upgrade the gateway version, click Upgrade Management. For details, see Configuring Upgrade Management.
  5. To configure the external syslog server to forward syslog messages to, click Syslog Forwarding. For details, see Configuring Syslog Forwarding.