Virtual Analyzer Logs

You can view and analyze the suspicious objects that TMWS obtains from the following sources:

  • Cloud Virtual Analyzer

  • Apex Central

  • Deep Discovery Analyzer (for on-premises gateway only)

This helps you detect and identify unknown security threats in the network traffic, especially for APTs, to prevent zero-day attacks and better protect your network.

  1. Go to Logs & Reports > LOG ANALYSIS > Virtual Analyzer.
  2. View the chart on the right pane of the screen to help you visualize and interpret the result.

    You can also change the following search criteria as necessary. As you make a selection, the chart is updated with relevant data.




    Select a predefined period or specify a period.

    Group by

    Select a log field.

    If a gateway is deleted, raw logs regarding users' web traffic passing through this gateway cannot be queried.

    You can narrow down the search by selecting a value under Period or clicking an item in the chart.


    Select the number of top values for the selected log field.

    Chart type

    Click the icon on the upper right corner to display the search result in line chart, bar chart, pie chart, or table chart view.

    The table chart view provides raw logs.

    Click Select Columns to specify the columns that display in the table to show only the data you are interested in.

    For details about the columns, see Log Column List.

    Click Export to CSV to export the data currently displayed on screen to a CSV file.

  3. Click Save and then choose from the following:



    Save As Favorite

    Saves the current search criteria for future log queries.

    You can find the saved log favorite in two places - on the Favorite drop-down list on top of the current screen and in Logs & Reports > Log Favorites. Selecting the log favorite from either of these places loads the corresponding logs screen with the search criteria and result.

    Save as PDF

    Saves the data shown on the screen to a PDF file.

  4. Click Start New Query to initiate a new search.