Configuring A PAC File

When you add or edit a PAC file from the PAC Files screen, a new screen opens, where you can specify the settings for the file.

  1. Go to Administration > SERVICE DEPLOYMENT > PAC Files, and click Add or select an existing PAC file under PAC File Name.
  2. Configure the following:



    PAC file name

    File name


    (Optional) Meaningful description to easily identify the PAC file

    PAC file location

    Location of the PAC file (in URL format) on the TMWS system

    Use this information when configuring the PAC file address on supported browsers. For example, in Internet Explorer, you would specify this information in Tools > Internet Options > Connections (tab) > LAN Settings (button) > Use automatic configuration script (check box) > Address (field) > .

    This information is not available when adding a PAC file.

    Edit in advanced mode

    Click to load the content of the PAC file.

    If you are adding a new PAC file:

    • The content of the default PAC file loads. To learn about the content of the default PAC file, see TMWS Default PAC File.

    • Modify the content as necessary. If you have an existing PAC file, open it using a text editor, copy the content, and then paste it to this field.

    If you need to undo all the changes you made, click Reset.

    Click Back to basic mode when you are done making changes.

    Bypass proxy for these hosts & domains

    Hosts and domains not subject to the traffic forwarding rules in the PAC file

    This option is only available if you are in basic mode. Type hosts and domains separated by spaces. Multi-byte encoded and non-ASCII characters are accepted.

    TMWS automatically adds the following domains when creating a new PAC file:

    • *

    • **

    • **


    • *

    • *

    • *





  3. Click Save.

    The PAC Files screen re-appears, showing details for the PAC file.