Configuring the Mobile VPN Service

Configure settings for the Mobile VPN setup files from the management console and then instruct users to install the setup files to their mobile devices.

  1. Go to Administration > SERVICE DEPLOYMENT > Mobile VPN.
  2. Under Mobile VPN for Apple iOS, configure the following basic settings for the Mobile VPN profile:




    Type the name of the Mobile VPN profile that will display on the iOS device.


    Type a meaningful description for the Mobile VPN profile that will display on the iOS device.


    Type the name of your organization.

    Consent message

    Type the message that users see before profile installation.

  3. Click Advanced Settings and configure the following:



    Profile removal

    Decide whether to keep or remove the profile on the Mobile VPN portal. If you choose to remove the profile, specify the removal date.

    VPN connection

    Select the check box to automatically start a Mobile VPN connection after a device successfully connects to a network. Selecting this check box ensures uninterrupted protection from web threats.


    If you allowed a device to start a Mobile VPN connection after it successfully connects to a network, select the network type.

    If you selected Cellular or Wi-Fi, configure a list of exceptions for Wi-Fi networks. A device that connects to any of these Wi-Fi networks does not automatically start a Mobile VPN connection.

    Identify Wi-Fi networks by their SSIDs, separating them by commas. On an iOS device, SSIDs are the names that appear below the CHOOSE A NETWORK... field in Settings > Wi-Fi.

  4. When settings have been configured:
    1. Provide users the TMWS logon credentials for their user accounts.
    2. Instruct users to visit the following pages for how to download and install the required setup files:
    3. If the Mobile VPN profile has been disclosed to unauthorized parties, instruct users to regenerate the profile from their devices. For more information, see Profile Regeneration for iOS devices and Profile Regeneration for Android devices.

    Administrators can open their Apple iOS or Android devices and scan the QR code provided on this screen to open the end user portal.