Configuring the Guest User Account

Use the guest user account to authenticate users (such as partners and contractors) who do not have the necessary logon credentials. Guest users can also be subject to TMWS policies.

Change the account name (optional) and set the password for the predefined guest user account. It is not possible to configure additional guest user accounts.

  1. Go to Administration > USERS & AUTHENTICATION > Hosted Users and click Guest User Account.
  2. Configure the account.



    Full name

    (Optional) Change the name of the guest user account.


    Type the password and then confirm it.

  3. Click Save.
  4. After configuring the account:
    1. Provide the guest user account information to users.
    2. Choose options related to the guest user account when configuring Internet gateway settings. For details, see User Authentications for Internet Gateway Traffic.
    3. If necessary, configure or modify cloud access rules to subject guest users to these policies.