Configuring the TMWS Agent App on the Managed Devices

After the TMWS Agent app, app configuration policy, and configuration profile are added to Intune and made available on the managed devices, instruct users to configure settings on their devices.

  1. Locate and open the TMWS Agent app on the device.

    A message appears, indicating that the TMWS Agent app has retrieved the user data and is ready for VPN configuration.


    If the user data is not available yet, instruct the user to log on to the Intune Company Portal app, go to Devices > <the device that the user is currently using> > Check Status to synchronize the changes, and then open the TMWS Agent app to try again.

  2. Tap OK.

    An alert appears, indicating that the TMWS Agent app will add VPN configurations to the device.

  3. Tap Allow and then provide the passcode.
  4. Wait until the configuration completes.

    The TMWS Agent is disconnected by default.

  5. Tap the Not Connected button and wait a few seconds until the button turns to Connected.

    The TMWS Agent is connected on the device.

    The user can view the newly installed profile from Settings > General > VPN.

  6. Open a web browser and go to

    If the connection status for TMWS is Yes, TMWS is working properly on the device.

If another user signs in to the Company Portal to use the device, instruct this user to disconnect and re-connect the TMWS Agent app to update the user data and use the app.