Adding the TMWS Agent App to Microsoft Intune

  1. Sign in to the Microsoft Endpoint Manager admin center.
  2. Go to Apps > All apps > Add.
  3. In the Select app type pane, under the available Store app types, select iOS store app, and then click Select.

    The Add App screen appears.

  4. On the App information tab, click Search the App Store.
  5. In the Search the App Store pane, select the App Store country/region locale, and then type TMWS in the Search box.

    Intune searches the store and returns a list of relevant results.

  6. In the results list, select TMWS Agent and then click Select.

    The app information configuration screen appears.

  7. Configure or confirm the following required settings for TMWS Agent:
    • Name: Name of the app, which is automatically filled in as TMWS Agent.

    • Description: Meaningful description to easily identify the app.

    • Publisher: Name of the publisher of the app, which is automatically filled in as Trend Micro Incorporated.

    • Minimum operating system: Select iOS 13.0.

    • Applicable device type: Select iPad and iPhone and iPod.

  8. Click Next.

    The Assignments tab appears.

  9. In the Required area, select Add all devices and then click Next.

    The Review + create tab appears.

  10. Confirm the information you specified, and then click Create.

    The Overview screen of the TMWS Agent app appears. The app is successfully added to Intune.