Adding TMWS in Google

This section describes how to add TMWS as a SAML application in Google and configure SAML-based SSO for user authentication.

  1. Sign in to your Google Admin console.
  2. Go to Apps > Web and mobile apps.
  3. Click Add App and select Add custom SAML app.

    The Add custom SAML app screen appears.

  4. On the App details screen, specify a name for TMWS, and optionally upload an app icon, and then click CONTINUE.
  5. On the Google Identity Provider details page, locate Option 2 to copy the SSO URL and download the Certificate, and then click CONTINUE.

    You will need to setup information when configuring Google as an IdP on TMWS.

  6. On the Service provider details page, type an ACS URL, Entity ID, and Start URL (optional) for TMWS.

    Copy and paste the information from the TMWS management console. You can get it under the Service Provider Settings for the Google Admin Console area on the Authentication Method screen for Google from Administration > Directory Services > here.

  7. Under the Name ID area, select TRANSIENT from the Name ID format drop-down list and Basic Information > Primary email from the Name ID drop-down list, and click CONTINUE.
  8. On the Attribute mapping page, click ADD MAPPING.
  9. Select Primary email under Google Directory attributes, type sAMAccountName under App attributes, and then click SAVE.
  10. Click FINISH.
  11. On the Web and mobile apps page, select the app you just created.
  12. Click User access, select ON for everyone next to Service status to turn on the TMWS service for everyone in your organization, and then click SAVE.