AD FS Authentication Testing

Once you successfully configured the Synchronization Agent and AD FS Server, and specified AD FS as the user authentication method, you can log on to the TMWS proxy server to verify your setup. After the AD FS logon verifies your account, you can visit the Internet.

  1. Clear the browser of all cookies and then restart the browser.
  2. Point your browser to the TMWS proxy server.

    For details, see Traffic Forwarding Using PAC Files.

  3. Visit any Internet website.

    TMWS will direct you to the TMWS captive portal.

  4. Specify an Active Directory account (format: domain\sAMAccountName or sAMAccountName@domain), or email address, or UPN, and then click Log On. domain is the domain name you specified on the TMWS management console.

    TMWS sends you to the AD FS logon.

  5. On the AD FS logon, type your AD account credentials.

    AD account user names use one of the following formats:

    • domain\sAMAccountName

    • sAMAccountName@domain

    domain is the Active Directory domain name specified on your AD server.

    You should successfully log on to TMWS.