Configuring An Administrator Alert

When you add, edit, or duplicate an alert from the Administrator Alerts screen, a new screen opens, where you can specify the settings for the alert.

  1. Go to Administration > ADMINISTRATOR ALERTS > Administrator Alerts, and click Add or select an existing alert under Alert Name.
  2. Configure the following:



    Alert name

    Display name


    Click On or Off.

    If you no longer need an alert, delete it, instead of turning it off.

  3. Under Alert Settings:



    Alert type

    Select the type of event that will trigger an alert.


    Specify whether the alert covers the entire organization, all gateways, or all departments.

    Gateways are configured in Gateways . Departments are configured while adding or editing an account in Administration > USERS & AUTHENTICATION > Hosted Users.

    When a system-related alert type is selected, Scope is fixed to Organization.


    Specify one of the following according to the alert type you selected:

    • For on-premises gateway: Period of time that an on-premises gateway is offline

    • For other events: Number of events (maximum 999) within a specified period of time that would trigger the alert

    The default period of time is set to 5 minutes.

    Alert recipients

    Type the email address of the alert recipient. Separate multiple addresses with commas.

  4. Click Save.

    The Administrator Alerts screen re-appears, showing details for the alert.