Administrator Alerts

Given the enormous amount of information flowing over your network, running reports periodically or monitoring events constantly might be too time-consuming. You might therefore want to focus on events of interest. To do this, set up alerts so TMWS can notify you of particular events as they occur.

  1. Go to Administration > ADMINISTRATOR ALERTS > Administrator Alerts.
  2. Manage alerts.



    Add/Edit an alert

    Click Add or select an existing alert under Alert Name, and then specify the settings on the screen that appears. For details, see Configuring An Administrator Alert.

    Delete an alert

    Select one or several alerts to delete and then click Delete.

    Duplicate an alert

    This feature is a convenient way of adding a new alert with settings similar to an existing alert.

    Select an alert and click Duplicate. Under Alert Name, click the duplicated alert and then specify the settings on the screen that appears.


    You can duplicate only one administrator alert at a time.

    View data in table columns

    The table columns show the same data that you configured when you added, edited, or duplicated an alert.

    Sort the alert information

    Sort the information in ascending or descending order in either of the following ways:

    • Click the title area of a column.

    • Click the up or down arrow at the right of the title area of a column.

    Search for an alert

    Type a keyword or part of the keyword related to each column in the table in the Search text box.


    If there are many entries in the table, type some characters in the Search text box to narrow down the entries. As you type, the entries that match the characters you typed are displayed immediately. TMWS searches all cells in the table for matches.