Adding a Custom Cloud App Category

Select a group of cloud apps provided by Cloud Reputation Services to create a new category for your security environment needs.

  1. On the Custom Cloud App Categories screen, click Add.

    The Add Custom Cloud App Category screen appears.

  2. Specify a unique name and a description for the category.

    The category name appears in the available custom cloud app categories list when you configure internet access rules.

  3. On the Available Cloud Apps tab, use the following drop-down menus to filter the list and use the Cloud app name field to search for the cloud apps to add to the category.




    An application's category

    Cloud Reputation Services assigns the category based on the function and usage of the app.

    Risk level

    An application's risk level

    Cloud Reputation Services assigns a default risk level which you can modify via the Cloud App Profile Assessment in Operations Dashboard.


    An application's sanctioned status

    Cloud Reputation Services sets all cloud apps to unsanctioned by default. You can modify the sanctioned status via the Cloud App Profile Assessment in Operations Dashboard.

    The following icons indicate the sanction status.

    • : Sanctioned (allowed apps)

    • : Unsanctioned (blocked apps)


    To view the Cloud App Profile Assessment, click the profile icon .

  4. Select the desired cloud apps and click Move to Selected.

    The cloud apps are moved to the Selected Cloud Apps tab.


    A maximum of 200 cloud apps for one custom category is supported.

  5. On the Selected Cloud Apps tab, review the added cloud apps.

    To remove any of the cloud apps from the category, select the apps and click Remove from Selected.

  6. Click Save.

    The custom category is created successfully and appears in the list on the Custom Cloud App Categories screen.


    A maximum of 200 custom cloud app categories is supported.