Deploying the Secure Access Module to Mobile Devices

Select mobile devices to deploy the Secure Access Module.

Verify mobile devices meet the Secure Access Module System Requirements and have completed Setting Up Intune Integration before continuing.
  1. On the Trend Micro Vision One console, go to Zero Trust Secure Access > Secure Access Module, and then choose Mobile Devices.
  2. For mobile devices that do not have the Mobile Agent installed, click Deploy Mobile Agent to go to Mobile Inventory and complete the Mobile Agent deployment process.

    Once mobile devices install the Mobile Agent, they appear in the Mobile Devices tab.

  3. Select one or more mobile devices and click Enable Secure Access.

    To see only devices without the Secure Access disabled, select Devices with Secure Access disabled from the drop-down.

    The Enable Secure Access Task screen appears
  4. Confirm the selected mobile devices and click Enable.

    On successful deployment, a confirmation message appears. For deployment errors, Action Required appears along with an error message.