Managing Certificates

Upload and manage the web server certificates of your organization's internal applications that are used for Browser Access.

Trend Micro Vision One provides a self-signed certificate as the default certificate.


Using the default certificate, web browsers display a web server certificate error when users launch the app because the hostnames of the app and the certificate do not match.

  1. On the Internal Applications tab, click Manage Certificates on the right side of the screen.
  2. Click Add Server Certificate.

    The Add Server Certificate screen appears.

  3. Specify a unique name and a description for the web server certificate.
  4. Click Select File..., navigate to the required certificate, and then upload the certificate.

    Make sure that you have selected a Base64 encoded X.509 certificate file in .crt or .pem format.

  5. Click Select File..., navigate to the private key associated with the uploaded certificate, and then upload the private key.

    Make sure that the private key file is in .key or .pem format.

  6. Specify the passphrase if the private key is encrypted.

    Trend Micro uses the passphrase to decrypt the private key and does NOT store the passphrase.

  7. Click Add.