Internet Access Gateways and Corporate Network Locations

Manage Internet Access Gateways and corporate network locations to monitor, analyze, and control web activities on known locations, such as the corporate headquarters, a branch office, or company VPN.

The Gateways tab in the Internet Access Configuration screen allows you to create and manage Internet Access Gateways and corporate network locations.


Trend Micro Vision One can inspect HTTPS/HTTP traffic forwarded to an Internet Access Gateway (such as the cloud gateway) from corporate network locations to determine whether users are allowed to visit cloud apps or external URLs based on applied secure access rules.

The following table outlines the actions and information available on the Gateways tab.



Add a corporate network location

Click +Corporate Network Location to specify one or more IP addresses from a known location.

For more information, see Adding Corporate Network Locations.

View corporate network location details

View basic information about a corporate network location, such as:

  • Status: Whether all configured IP addresses for the corporate network location are verified

    • If the status of the Gateway is Pending, it means the status of each configured IP address is Pending.

    • When an HTTP/HTTPS request from a configured IP address is transmitted to the Gateway, the status of the IP address changes to Verified, and the status of the Gateway changes to Partially verified.

    • When all the configured IP addresses are verified, the status of the Gateway changes to Verified.

    • If there is no HTTP/HTTPS request from a configured IP address in Pending status within one week, the IP address is removed from the Gateway automatically.

  • IP address: Public IP addresses of your organization's internet gateways

  • User authentication: Users are always required to authenticate themselves when their HTTPS/HTTP requests are forwarded to the cloud gateway