Configuring Scheduled Reports

Schedule reports on available data views to automate the generation process.

You can track report generation process and download the completed report on the Generated Reports tab.

For more information, see Generated Reports List.

  1. Go to Risk Insights > Report Management.
  2. Click the Scheduled Reports tab.
  3. Click New Report.
  4. Configure the General Settings.
    1. Toggle on the Status control to enable the schedule.
    2. Specify a Name for the report.
    3. Specify the frequency of the report generation.
      • Select Only run the schedule during the specified period if you want to control the start and end dates for the schedule.

    4. (Optional) Provide a description to identify the report on the Generated Reports tab.
  5. In the Report Template section, choose the template of the report you want to generate.

    The available time range data depends on the Report Template selected.

  6. In the Report Format section, select the output format and any additional optional customizations.

    The available formats depend on the Report Template selected.

    Table 1. PDF Report Customizations



    Cover note

    A description of the report that displays under the report title

    Company name

    Your company name that displays above the report title

    Company logo

    Your company logo that displays above your company name

    Trend Micro logo

    The Trend Micro t-ball logo and Trend Micro Vision One product name that displays in the report footer

    Automatically apply the customized settings to future reports by selecting Save settings for future reports.

  7. In the Report Content section, select the data that you want to include in the report.

    The type of content available depends on the report template and report format selected. You must select at least one available content type.

  8. (Optional) In the Notification section, specify the email addresses or Trend Micro Vision One accounts to notify when the report is ready.
    1. Type the email address or locate an account and press ENTER.

      Recently created Trend Micro Vision One accounts may not appear immediately.

    2. (Optional) Specify the Subject for the email notification.
    3. (Optional) Specify the Message that displays at the beginning of the email message body.
    4. (Optional) Click Preview to display an example version of the email notification that users receive.

    The email notification only tells recipients that the report generation completed. The notification does not include the generated report.

  9. Click Create.

    The report generation automatically begins when the schedule criteria triggers.