Device Profile Assessment

A device profile in Operations Dashboard details a device's risk score and the cloud activities that contributed to the assessment.

The Device Profile screen provides the following widgets to help you better understand a device's impact in your organization.



Device details

Hover over the device name to view basic user information

Click the options button to view a list of available mitigation actions that you can take on the device or view the action history for the endpoint on the Secure Access History screen.

For more information, see Zero Trust Actions.

Risk Assessment

A device's risk assessment displays activity data in several widgets.

  • Risk Score: Assessment of the device's activity over the last 30 days


    A device's risk score is calculated every 4 hours.

  • Risk Indicators: A list of events that may indicate that the user account has been attacked or hijacked

Cloud App Activity

A device's cloud app activity displays in several widgets.

  • Accessed Cloud App Risk Levels: Displays how many cloud apps the user/device accessed on a given day and the proportionate risk levels of the apps

  • Cloud App Usage by Category: Displays the categories of the cloud apps accessed by the user/device

  • Sanctioned / Unsanctioned Cloud App Access: Indicates how often a user/device accesses sanctioned/unsanctioned cloud apps

  • Device Activity: A geographical representation of where the device has been used to access cloud apps


The users that accessed the device and each user's risk score

Click a device name to view the User Profile Assessment.