Assessment Scope for Risk Insights

Operations Dashboard displays all users, devices, and cloud apps that may have adversely affected your environment.




Displays information about your riskiest users (based on cloud app activity)


A user's risk score is calculated every 4 hours, based on the user's cloud activity. The score displays the riskiest activity score detected over the last 7 days.

Click any user name to access the User Profile Assessment.


Displays information about your riskiest endpoints (based on cloud app activity)


A device's risk score is calculated based on the number of times the device accessed unsanctioned cloud apps.

Click any device name to access the Device Profile Assessment.


Displays information regarding the cloud apps accessed by users and devices across your network and allows you to manually "Sanction" apps or search for cloud apps

Click an app name to access the Cloud App Profile Assessment.


If your organization has not previously accessed a cloud app, the app does not appear in the accessed cloud app results. Search for the app and click the Check Trend Micro Cloud App Reputation link in the search results to find out more about the app ranking.